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I haven't received email confirmation of my new policy.
I haven't received email confirmation of my new policy.

Get in touch with our member care team, we'll get you sorted!

Updated over a week ago

Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues receiving your policy confirmation!

Please contact support, either via the chat widget below, or by submitting our contact form, as they'll be able to arrange for this to be re-sent to you.

​Here are two steps you can take today to improve the likelihood of your email account receiving our future emails:​​

1. Add to Safe Senders List
To help ensure our emails reach you, add our email address to your safe senders list:
Navigate to Settings or Options in your email account.
Look for 'Mail' settings, then find 'Junk Email' or similar.
Add our email addresses to your 'Safe senders' list: &
Add our domain to your 'Safe senders' list:

2. Create an Email Rule
Create a rule that automatically moves our emails to your Inbox:
In Settings, go to 'Mail' then 'Rules.'
Create a new rule with the condition “If the sender’s address contains” and enter our email domain.
Set the action to “Move to” and select 'Inbox.'

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