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How to Archive Products in Your Club+ Dashboard
How to Archive Products in Your Club+ Dashboard
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This guide will help you archive old products in your Club+ dashboard efficiently while ensuring you can easily access them in the future. A video tutorial is also available to assist you.

Video Walkthrough

Steps to Archive Products

1. Access Your Club+ Dashboard

  • Log in and navigate to your Club+ dashboard.

2. Locate the Product to Archive

  • Find the old product that you wish to archive.

3. Use the Archive Function

  • Click on the archive button next to the product.

4. Confirm Successful Archiving

  • Check the "Archived list" located at the bottom right corner of the dashboard to ensure the product is listed there.

5. Retrieve an Archived Product

  • Click on the “Return to Dashboard” button to bring an archived product back to the main dashboard.

6. Permanently Delete an Archived Product

  • Select the delete option next to the archived product.

  • Confirm the deletion if prompted.

Important Tips

  • Verify Before Archiving: Ensure you are archiving the correct product to avoid mistakes.

  • Double-Check Before Deleting: Always double-check before confirming the deletion of an archived product to avoid accidental loss.

Best Practices

  • Routine Reviews: Regularly review and archive old products to maintain an organized dashboard.

  • Use the Archive List: Take advantage of the archive list for quick access to archived items.

  • Careful Deletion: Be cautious when deleting archived products to prevent losing important data.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage your products and keep your Club+ dashboard organized. Happy archiving!

Need More Help? If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is here to help.

Remember, keeping your dashboard organized helps in better product management and quick access to necessary items!

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