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I haven't received my verification email for Club+. What do I do?
I haven't received my verification email for Club+. What do I do?

Here's how to get in touch with our support team

Updated over a week ago

Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues receiving the verification email for your Club+ account!

Please contact support for an activation link, either via the chat widget below, or by submitting our contact form.

Please note, that if you requested a new verification email after the time when this email was sent, this link will be invalid and I'll need to send you a new link. ​Here are two steps you can take today to improve the likelihood of your email account receiving our future emails:​​

1. Add to Safe Senders List
To help ensure our emails reach you, add our email address to your safe senders list:
Navigate to Settings or Options in your email account.
Look for 'Mail' settings, then find 'Junk Email' or similar.
Add our email addresses to your 'Safe senders' list: &
Add our domain to your 'Safe senders' list:

2. Create an Email Rule
Create a rule that automatically moves our emails to your Inbox:
In Settings, go to 'Mail' then 'Rules.'
Create a new rule with the condition “If the sender’s address contains” and enter our email domain.
Set the action to “Move to” and select 'Inbox.'

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