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How do I cancel my private health cover policy?
How do I cancel my private health cover policy?

Change of mind? Here's what you need to know

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Cancelling your health insurance is usually an easy and simple process.

Depending on the health fund, you may have to call them, send them an email, complete an online form, or log into their online portal to lodge your cancellation. It's best to check with your health fund for their current process.

If you are switching insurers

If you're switching insurers after comparing with Compare Club, the good news is that we'll complete all the paperwork to cancel your existing cover for you!

Your existing cover will be cancelled and your new cover will commence, as agreed when speaking with your health insurance expert.

Change of mind after switching

Changed your mind after switching through Compare Club? No worries at all, simply get in touch with us and we'll help you. Alternatively, you can also contact your new fund directly. Bear in mind that you'll want to maintain continuous cover to avoid things like the Medicare Levy Surcharge, Lifetime Health Cover Loading, or unexpectedly needing to re-serve waiting periods.

Cancelling completely

Decided that health cover is no longer right for you? Bear in mind, that cancelling your private health cover can impact the following:

  • Any waiting periods would need to be re-served if you don't maintain continuous cover

  • Significant out-of-pocket cost, or lengthy wait times in the public system, should you require medical treatment without appropriate cover

  • Other cost implications, such as the Medicare Levy Surcharge

  • Lifetime Healthcover Loading, if you take up health cover again in the future, over the age of 31.

Before cancelling, it's recommended that you see if a better value policy may be available. If cost is your biggest concern when considering cancellation, get in touch with one of Compare Club's friendly health insurance experts.

If you still want to cancel your health cover, be sure to get in contact with your health fund directly.

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