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I've received a gift card with my purchase how do I access it?
I've received a gift card with my purchase how do I access it?

Not sure how to claim your gift card, this article will explain how to redeem it

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That's great news! In order to access your gift cards you'll need to ensure you have a Club+ account. To view your gift card and track when it will be available, log into your Club+ account or register for one here.

Once you're logged in, navigate to the Gift Cards page to track and claim your gift card.

ℹ️ Please note your gift card is linked to your email address from your recent purchase through Compare Club (and affiliated brands).

Other FAQs:

  1. When will I get my gift card?
    If you qualify for an incentive, you’ll see a ‘pending’ gift card in the ‘Your wallet’ section of the Gift Cards page. Your gift card will become available 90 days after your purchase date as long as you don’t cancel your policy.

  2. How long do I have to activate and redeem my gift card?
    After a gift card becomes ‘available’, you’ll have up to 6 months to activate it. You can use your gift card for up to 3 years from the date it was activated.

  3. What is a Prezzee gift card? And do I have to use their app?
    A Prezzee gift card is just like most other gift cards. If you receive a Prezzee gift card from us, you’ll be able to go to the Prezzee website and select from 480+ of your favourite retailers across Australia to redeem it.

    You don’t have to use the Prezzee app, you can use the link from your ‘available’ and ‘activated’ gift cards. Once you’ve activated your card, we recommend adding it to a Prezzee wallet, which sits outside our system, to have it with you wherever you go! Download the Prezzee app here.

  4. How do I redeem and spend my gift card?
    To redeem this card, you’ll firstly need to swap it to a brand gift Card (that means you choose the brand/s you wish to spend it at). You can choose one or more brands and allocate the amount for each brand you choose.

    Once swapped, you can redeem your card at your chosen brand/s according to their specific redemption instructions.

    To swap your gift card open it with the “activate now” or “view card” buttons in your wallet at the top of the gift card page then select ‘Swap it now’. Read more about card swapping here.

  5. Do I need to use the gift card all in one go?
    No, the balance will remain on the gift card for you to use multiple times until it runs out.

  6. I don’t see my gift card in my Club+ account – what should I do?
    Sometimes it can take one business days to load your gift card into your account. Check back later to see if it’s been added. If you still can’t find it please email our customer service team at to tell us about the gift card you’re missing.

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